• Emerging Engines Embedded

    Embedded in your team, we own the full gambit of people and culture responsibilities and partner with your team to agree and execute a people plan that is fit for purpose.  You get access to specialists but have a partner that is fully accountable for the function.

  • Talent by Emerging Engines

    Leveraging our founders background in both agency and internal recruitment, we offer an additional service which allows you access to tier one recruiters, at an hourly rate, that are fully embedded in your business.  Not only does this save on agency fees, but it turbocharges your speed to hire and quality of hire.

  • Emerging Engines Coaching

    From executive leadership to aspiring leadership level, we offer a coaching package that is both price competitive and fully bespoke to what your goals for the individual are.

  • Emerging Engines Virtual

    A more traditional consultancy model, we offer an hourly, half day or full day rate to work alongside your team across the full gambit of HR services.


If you invest in your people strategy upfront you are more likely to achieve your goals, with fewer distractions along the way.

At Emerging Engines, we exist to drive people and operational efficiencies in order to clear space for CEO/founders to focus on their areas of strength. This enables organisations we partner with to build high performing, fully aligned leadership teams, whilst finding cost savings.  

We are builders; we turbocharge the team by implementing the right people plan, tech stack and processes to suit stage of business and do it in a fraction of the time. 


Keen To Chat?

No matter the stage of your business Emerging Engines can help design and implement a people strategy that can turbocharge your growth. 

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Emerging Engines has saved Levno 80% year on year, costs associated with transactional HR tasks, by identifying process inefficiencies and an opportunity to realign organisational structure to suit the stage and scale of business.

Oscar Ellison

(COO Levno)

Gabi and the team boosted our people processes in 2023, leading to a transformed business with a strategic focus, cohesive executive team, increased automation, and a standout Talent offering. This successful collaboration signifies a lasting partnership between VeVe and Emerging Engines.

Dan Crothers

(Founder and COO)

Gabi was engaging, insightful and ran a workshop that the team spoke about long into the night and continue talk about today. Her personality is infectious and perfectly suited to getting a group to talk through uncomfortable subjects

Matthew Bennet

CEO, Nibblish

We used Gabrielle to implement a strategic growth plan in order to bring structure and stability to our company as we continue to grow. Her knowledge around future staff and growth platforms has bought a lot of clarity to what we are trying to achieve.

Elliot Guy

CEO, Cohe Group